T-CAIREM - Trillium Health Partners Data Use Agreement

1. I will not attempt to re-identify any individual or institution referenced in the dataset.
2. I will exercise all reasonable and prudent care to avoid disclosure of the identity of any individual or institution referenced in restricted datasets in any publication or other communication.
3. If I find information within the dataset that I believe might permit identification of any individual or institution, I will report the location of this information promptly by email to the Health Data Nexus Data Steward (contact@healthdatanexus.ai), citing the location of the specific information in question so that it can be investigated and removed if necessary.
4. I will not share access to the dataset with anyone else.
5. I will exercise all reasonable and prudent care to maintain the physical and electronic security of the dataset.
6. I will not attempt in any way to copy, download, or otherwise remove any individual-level data from the Health Data Nexus or Analysis Workspace.
7. I will not publish or otherwise distribute any individual-level data from the Health Data Nexus.
8. I will not share or store any derivations of data outside the Health Data Nexus or Analysis Workspace with the exception of graphical illustrations or aggregate statistics corresponding to 10 or more participants (unless expressly permitted).
9. I will not link the dataset with any other external dataset at the individual level (unless expressly permitted).
10. I have requested access to the dataset for the sole purpose of lawful use in non-commercial, biomedical or health research and academic teaching, and I will use my privilege of access, if it is granted, for this purpose and no other.
11. I have completed trainings in research with human participants and in my obligations under the Code of Conduct as an Authorized User on the Health Data Nexus, and I have submitted or am submitting proof of having done so.
12. I will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and policies as it pertains to use of dataset for scientific research.
13. I will obtain all necessary authorizations, licenses, consents and approvals required to use the dataset for scientific research.
V1.3, Last modified June 21, 2022 2
14. I will reference the Data Holder and dataset in accordance with academic standards in any publication or presentation which uses the results of research involving the dataset.
15. I will notify T-CAIREM by email to the Health Data Nexus Data Steward (contact@healthdatanexus.ai) and the Data Holder by emailing to IBHDataServices@thp.ca, of any publications resulting from data access upon submission to peer review or pre-print.
16. This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time, but my obligations with respect to restricted data shall continue after termination.
17. I understand and acknowledge that failure to comply with any of the above terms may lead to revoking of my access to the Dataset or termination of my Health Data Nexus account in accordance to the conditions listed in the Code of Conduct Policy.

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