Start Here

This page will help users navigate access to datasets on the platform and give an overview of its data governance.

T-CAIREM has prepared a series of seven instructional videos on using the Health Data Nexus. For a playlist containing all instructional videos, follow this link.


Your first step as a user is to log in to the platform to become a credentialed user.

Please log in using the Single Sign-on. Single Sign-on is currently available to anyone affiliated with a Canadian university. If you require access to the platform but do not have an affiliation, or if you have any issues logging in. please email the Data Steward at

Please note that if you are affiliated with the University of Toronto your UTORid must be enrolled in multi-factor authentication (MFA) with DUO. Please follow this link to set up MFA with your account.

Once you are logged in, you can credential your account by accessing the "Credentialing" tab under "Settings". Click "apply for access" and complete the listed steps to become an authorized user.


Once you are credentialed on the platform, you will need to complete specific steps to become an Authorized Dataset User for each dataset. Typically, you will need to complete one or more trainings and sign a Data Use Agreement.

Trainings can be managed in the "Training" tab under "Settings". To access a typical dataset, you will need to complete TCPS 2: CORE 2022, following the policy requirements laid out in the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS-2).

Data Use Agreement

In addition to the required trainings, users must complete a Data Use Agreement (DUA) for each dataset they wish to access. Credentialed users can find a link to the the DUA on each dataset page.

Cloud Identity

Once approved to access a dataset, an authorized user must have a Google Cloud identity to access the analytics workspace. You can find instructions for creating your Cloud Identity in the Research Environments tab. You will need to log into your Google Cloud and create a billing identity, or connect to a shared billing identity provided by another user.

Where Do I Go Next?

  • If you're here to upload a new dataset or another resource on the platform, start by going to the Projects tab.
  • If you're here to explore health data, start with the Find tab to discover the options available.
  • If you're here to use the Health Data Nexus for educational purposes (such as running a class or a datathon), get in touch with the Data Steward at to discuss next steps.