About Us

The Temerty Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research and Education in Medicine (T-CAIREM) at the University of Toronto is the nexus for healthcare of the future. We provide world-class educational programs in AI in medicine and fund research opportunities that bring together experts from a range of disciplines. We have also created the secure Health Data Nexus platform to house datasets for applied AI learning and research. This safe, scalable and secure data environment provides a foundation for innovative AI applications of the future.

Data Environment Principles

  • Our platform helps analyze patient data while respecting patient privacy. 
    The platform stores only deidentified data in order to protect individuals from identification. Strong encryption and careful data stewardship ensure the housed datasets can only be accessed by credentialed researchers who have undergone training in human subjects research. 
  • Our platform provides researchers with transparent, inclusive and speedy access.
    In the past, accessing medical data has been challenging for researchers. In contrast, the requirements for data access on our platform will be made clear to researchers and the general public, empowering users from diverse disciplines to use the collected data for the public good.
  • Our platform is flexible and frictionless to facilitate data discovery and analysis.
    Our team is committed to creating an agnostic and scalable environment that is able to support the broad range of research activities that constitute modern medical science.

Connect With Us

The T-CAIREM data platform wouldn't be possible without our visionary partners who have made their data available. If you have a health-related dataset you'd like to share, we'd love to discuss the possibility of including it on the data platform. If you’re a researcher interested in analyzing the data, or an educator who'd like to use it it for teaching, become a T-CAIREM member.

Submission Guidelines

For submission guidelines and information about how to share datasets and other resources on the platform, please refer to the Submission Guidelines page.

Data Governance

For more information about the data governance and policies on the platform, please refer to the Data Governance page.

Privacy Policy

For more information on the Health Data Nexus Privacy Policy, please read this page.