T-CAIREM Data Use Agreement

  1. I will not attempt to identify any individual or institution referenced in the restricted data.
  2. I will exercise all reasonable and prudent care to avoid disclosure of the identity of any individual or institution referenced in restricted data in any publication or other communication.
  3. I will not share access to restricted data with anyone else.
  4. I will exercise all reasonable and prudent care to maintain the physical and electronic security of restricted data.
  5. If I find information within restricted data that I believe might permit identification of any individual or institution, I will report the location of this information promptly by email to contact@healthdatanexus.ai, citing the location of the specific information in question so that it can be investigated and removed if necessary.
  6. I have requested access to restricted data for the sole purpose of lawful use in scientific research, and I will use my privilege of access, if it is granted, for this purpose and no other.
  7. I have completed a training program in research with human participants, and I am submitting proof of having done so.
  8. I will comply with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and policies as it pertains to use of data for scientific research.
  9. I will obtain all necessary authorizations, licenses, consents and approvals required to use the data for scientific research.
  10. I will notify T-CAIREM by email to contact@healthdatanexus.ai of any publications resulting from data access upon submission to peer review or pre-print.
  11.  This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time, but my obligations with respect to restricted data shall continue after termination.

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