CITI Course Instructions

To access certain resources on Health Data Nexus, you must complete training in human research and data privacy. We recommend the CITI Program's "Data or Specimens Only Research" course. A link to the website can be found here: CITI Program. You must create an account with CITI Program before proceeding. Follow the instructions below to complete the course:

  1. Once you have created an account, go to 'My Courses' on the top of the page. Click "Add affiliation"
  2. Citi Course instructions 1
  3. Search for "Massachusetts Institute of Technology Affiliates". Click the checkmarks to agree. You are affiliating with MIT for the purpose of accessing data hosted on MIT servers.
  4. Citi Course instructions 2
  5. Fill out the form. Please use your institutional address, not a personal address, where possible (note, you do not require an MIT address).
  6. Citi Course instructions 3
  7. You will be asked to sign in with your MIT personal certificate, if available. If you do not have a certificate, please complete the questionnaire. To take the "Data or Specimens Only Research" course, you must answer questions 1, 2, and 3. For question 5, please answer 'Yes' for 'Conflicts of Interest'.
  8. Citi Course instructions 4
  9. Once submitted, you should see the 'Data or Specimens Only Research' and 'Conflicts of Interest' modules. Please complete these modules.
  10. Citi Course instructions 5
  11. Please make sure when submitting your CITI training application, that you upload the training report rather than the certificate. You can find your training report under 'Records' at the top of the webpage. From there, you can download your training report by selecting 'View-Print-Share' under Completion Record.
  12. Citi Course instructions 6
  13. Click 'view/print' under Completion Record to get the full training report to upload on PhysioNet.
  14. Citi Course instructions 7